Growing Great Schools Wellbeing Survey is an online questionnaire that helps schools move forward in their journey toward greater flourishing and wellbeing. It offers you the opportunity to check your school’s current climate and level of wellbeing, identify areas for potential growth and develop a big picture view of your school’s readiness for positive change.

The tool takes a positive, whole school perspective offering valuable insights at five levels – leaders, teachers, students, families and communities − and explores areas such as leadership, relationships, behaviour, communication, emotions and strengths.

A Growing Great Schools consultant will share survey results, recommend approaches and guide you in a step-by-step process to cultivate a flourishing school community. As part of this process we can facilitate rich conversations throughout your school to further identify and build on your strengths and positively respond to the challenges of your unique context. Whether you would like to plant small seeds or create a grand vision for organisational thriving and extraordinary performance, we will help design and implement solutions that are best for you.

We invite you to start growing your school with us by requesting a login to take our Wellbeing Survey. After completing the process, one of our consultants will connect with you to provide next step solutions on your journey.

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