Positive psychology can help school leaders and staff to create the conditions that enable each person within the school community to flourish and do their best. A Culture of Wellbeing provides a participatory environment to learn and explore evidence-based strategies to introduce positive psychology and start building a culture of wellbeing at any level of a school.

This engaging and thought-provoking training  can be offered as full-day, half-day, twilight or staff meeting sessions. A longer format will enable concepts to be explored more fully and offer participants the opportunity to experience a broad range of how-to activities.

Topics include:

  • The Growing Great Schools model for growing a flourishing learning community at all levels: school leaders, teachers, students, families and the whole school community.
  • Cultivating conditions for flourishing to grow a supportive and inclusive work culture and enable us to do our best work.
  • Positive leadership—a framework for becoming a positive enabler for organisational thriving, excellence and growth.
  • Understanding the emotional brain, the impact of a negativity bias and how to tap into the happiness advantage.
  • Core components that contribute to wellbeing and optimal performance—positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishments.
  • The power of positive emotions to broaden and build our resources and create an upward spiral toward flourishing and wellbeing.
  • Exploring intentional activities to enhance our individual and collective wellbeing and elevate happiness levels.
  • The benefits of working with strengths to get the best from students, staff, teams and the whole school.

  • School leaders and senior staff
  • School wellbeing officers and culture leaders
  • Teachers, school counsellors and staff
  • Coaches and consultants working with schools
  • Anyone who wants to enhance wellbeing in schools.

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