Growing Great Schools offers schools the opportunity to assess their levels of positive climate and wellbeing, and actively supports growth with planning advice, professional learning and on-the-ground support.

We work with schools to identify and build on their strengths, and collaborately construct a vision that empowers all stakeholders, including students, parents and teachers. We then support schools to take steps toward their ideal and sustain change over time. A dedicated Growing Great Schools consultant supports teachers and schools to develop stepping stones and pathways to achieve their vision, drawing on a wealth of experts to address specific needs. We can provide student and staff wellbeing workshops, frameworks for positive communication and leadership, and training and qualifications in positive psychology.

Using a positive, whole school approach, Growing Great Schools increases wellbeing throughout the learning community by:

  • Nurturing positive relationships, communication and behaviours
  • Cultivating strengths, creativity and a love of learning
  • Building social and emotional intelligence
  • Promoting positive leadership and performance
  • Enhancing teacher efficacy, professional integrity and wellbeing
  • Teaching skills to foster wellbeing and resilience at any level.

Start with small seeds or create a school-wide vision for positive growth.

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Positive Assessment

We offer a range of assessments and positive, scientific tools to help you develop your team’s emotional intelligence, strengths and leadership capability to achieve optimal performance, engagement and wellbeing and assist in achieving a flourishing learning community.

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Professional Learning

Our open courses include training in Circle Solutions. They are a great way for teachers, staff, school leaders and families to start learning positive tools to support flourishing and wellbeing.

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