Circle Solutions helps teachers and principals improve student, staff and whole school wellbeing. A philosophy for healthy relationships and a pedagogy for teaching them, Circle Solutions promotes a positive environment for learning and wellbeing.

It can help teachers and school leaders improve student engagement and develop an inclusive, flourishing learning environment, that benefits everyone in the broader school community. The framework can be applied with groups at all ages, including school staff, fostering an ethos for inclusion and participation that enables all voices to be heard.

Circle Solutions:

  • provides a whole-school approach to wellbeing
  • promotes positive behaviour and relationships
  • provides a framework for developing social emotional competencies
  • builds resilience
  • maximises participation
  • emphasises strengths and solutions.

This two day intensive Train-the-Trainer course with will enable you to introduce, support and sustain Circle Solutions as a tool for whole-school wellbeing.

Using a small coaching style setting, you will build on the knowledge and skills gained in the Circle Solutions Introductory Course to confidently plan and deliver in-school training for your staff. Throughout the day you will be encouraged to share in rich dialogue about your experiences and gain insights and practical suggestions from colleagues.

Here’s what participants say:

“I am able to return to school and train staff not only in how to run a Circle Solutions session, but also have the conversation with them as to why we need to do it.”

“Best PD I’ve ever attended. Welcoming, extremely informative and practical. Something I can use right away and am excited about!”

“It has opened my eyes to a new framework for my social and emotional teachings in my classroom. It is clear to me that my children’s voices are not being heard and this gives me a vehicle to do this.”


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