Circle Solutions for student and school wellbeing.

Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing can help you improve student engagement and develop an inclusive, flourishing learning environment, that benefits everyone in the broader school community.

Circle Solutions:

  • provides a whole-school approach to wellbeing
  • promotes positive behaviour and relationships
  • provides a framework for developing social emotional competencies
  • builds resilience
  • maximises participation
  • emphasises strengths and solutions.

The Circle Solutions Introductory Day will enable teachers and school leaders to:

  • understand the evidence base that underpins Circle Solutions
  • understand why social emotional competencies are critical for effective teaching and learning
  • be part of an interactive and collaborative learning experience
  • learn how to plan and facilitate Circle Solutions effectively
  • consider key factors for successful implementation and sustainability
  • explore resources and links to current educational issues.

Here are some of the things teachers and others have said about this practical, experiential workshop:

Inspiring both in terms of ideas and as a philosophy of learning and living.

This has provided practical ideas that I feel confident about introducing to my class.

Practical solutions to serious problems and things I can do immediately.

I found every practical element and every circle activity fun and educational.


Ask us about delivering a Circle Solutions training event at your school or network.

Read more about Circle Solutions or find out about Circles Solutions Train-the-Trainer Workshops.

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