Growing Great Schools offers a positive approach to education designed to foster wellbeing in students, teachers, principals, schools, parents and the community. The Growing Great Schools initiative supports teachers, leaders and communities to develop whole school wellbeing and positive futures for children.

Founded on a philosophy of positive psychology and whole student – whole school wellbeing, and underpinned by robust and contemporary scientific research and best practice, the unique Growing Great School’s process aims to cultivate and sustain safe, supportive and flourishing learning communities. A collaboration between leading researchers and practitioners, our team brings international expertise in positive psychology, education and leadership.

We offer schools the opportunity to assess their levels of positive climate and wellbeing, through a School Wellbeing Survey, and actively support growth with planning advice, professional learning and on-the-ground support. We work in partnership with teachers and schools to design programmes and master plans. These can be integrated with current educational standards and initiatives such as the National Safe Schools Framework, Professional Standards for Teachers and Kids Matter.

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