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Cultivating Character Strengths in Kids

Research has shown that a strengths-based approach to parenting builds resilience in children. So how do parents cultivate character strengths in their kids? Frances Totney shares some ideas.

Five Positive Parenting Principles

We strive to enhance the happiness and wellbeing of the children in our lives. So how do we cultivate it? Frances Totney shares five positive parenting principles to help your kids become happy, resilient and successful in life.

Teacher Wellbeing: Five Ways to Help Each Other

Teacher wellbeing is essential to support the wellbeing of students and their schools. So how do we build it? Dr Sue Roffey shares five tips to help teachers build positive relationships and resilience.

Free Booklet: Working with strengths in schools

Everyone has strengths and the potential to develop them. This free Booklet introduces practical, proven strategies to cultivate strengths in students, teachers, leaders, staff and the whole school community.

Growing great schools and kids

Good test results may help but they do not necessarily lead to authentic wellbeing and meaningful lives. Schools where students learn to be, live together well and love learning, promote a flourishing future for young people and their communities.
Dr Sue Roffey, Founder and Director Wellbeing Australia, Co-Director of Growing Great Schools
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